COVID-19 Updates


Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

Piazza’s is continuing to follow the guidelines of our respective counties, find out more here:

Santa Clara County

San Mateo County

Thursday, May 7th, 2020


As we continue to battle the Covid-19 Pandemic, we will allow all front line responders with proper ID* to enter the store at the front of the line.

Our Front-Line Responders include:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Healthcare and Hospital Workers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Firefighters and Paramedics

Please be understanding, courteous and kind as we continue through this pandemic together

*Proper ID consists of official issued ID cards or badges

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

  • Safety plexiglass screen installed on the check-stands to create a barrier between our employees and customers.
  • We are limiting the amount of people who shop in our stores at the same time. A Piazza’s staff member is stationed at the store entrance to manage the volume and flow of customers.
  • Tape on our floors to create social distancing boundaries for our customers at the check-stand.
  • No longer provide samples
  • Packaging all food service items in salad bars and hot bars.

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

We have received a number of requests to accommodate senior shoppers by carving out a designated time in the store during which only seniors are permitted to enter and shop. This came as a result of the incredible surge of customer counts, crowded aisles and long checkout lines.

We are very sensitive to this request and will do what is necessary to accommodate this cherished segment of the community. Today, March 17, we found that conditions at the stores were dramatically different than in recent days. It seems that there is a calming within the community and far less customer urgency to stock up before product becomes unavailable. This is encouraging!

The customer counts in our stores today were dramatically down and, additionally, we found that a significant portion of shoppers the first hours of operation were seniors. Their shopping experience today was vastly improved and the environment allowed for a more relaxed, uncrowded visit. Therefore, we currently find it unnecessary to create any dedicated times for senior shopping but we will give seniors priority checkout the first hour we are open (7-8AM). As with other matters during the current virus crisis, developments are fluid and we are prepared to make proper adjustments immediately as needed.

As a reminder, our store hours were adjusted recently and are as follows.

All seven days of the week
OPEN at 7:00 AM
CLOSE at 9:00 PM

We are dedicating the hour after the store closing to conduct comprehensive cleaning, sanitizing and restocking of shelves. We are committed to operating clean, safe and well-stocked stores and continue to do our best to meet the needs of the community.

Monday, March 16th, 2020

As your neighborhood grocery store, and out of concern for you, our community and staff, we at Piazza’s Fine Foods want to address the evolving situation with the Coronavirus and what we’re doing about it.

We have enhanced cleaning and disinfecting activities to maintain a healthy and clean shopping environment. All of our employees understand that sanitation is everyone’s responsibility and they have been asked to do their part in supporting our standards. Our teams have done an incredible job keeping up with the demands that we are facing. We have detailed the areas that the teams sanitize frequently and continuously throughout the day. We have also reviewed with our employees best personal hygiene and sanitation practices to follow.

Starting Tuesday, March 17 Piazza’s stores will close at 9:00 PM every day to allow our staff to clean, sanitize and restock our stores. We are dedicated to maintaining the cleanest, safest and most enjoyable stores possible.

We are your local grocer and always strive do the right thing. We live in the community and eat the same wonderful food we sell to you. We love our community and we will continue to do our very best to serve you.

An option of shopping in our stores is to order online for home delivery. Click on Shop Online on the top bar of the home page.

Thank you
The Piazza Family

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